{spring tablescape}

Hi there!! Hope you had a super Happy Easter:)
I love to make my table look pretty for any occasion and since we were having my husbands family over for Easter Dinner, I thought it would be the perfect excuse for me to cutisfy up our dining room table!
Oh and did I mention I am the queen of spending next to nothing:)
First up....
Napkins {or should I say $1 bandanas from the craft store} wrapped in a simple ribbon~
Next....seagrass placemats from the Christmas Tree Shops for $ 1 each:)

Looks pretty cute and springy.....I think!
I used those super easy and
inexpensive coasters I made~
and while everyone else was at church I was "stealing" daffodils from a local school yard! Hey....at least they weren't from someone's yard:) haha

I really liked the way it turned out! I hope my husband's family did too:)

So, what do you think of my tablescaping abilities?!?!?

and just because.....

an Easter photo of me and my grammie:) I just love her!!! She is a big reason for who I am today!

The lady is 74 years young and still going strong! She gardens, sews, crafts and still works!!!! What an inspiration!!

Do you have a family member that inspires you?!?!?

Hope you have a fabulous week!! I am on spring break this week and hope to get some yard work done:)

A garden of Love grows in a Grandmother's heart.
-- Author Unknown


  1. Hiya,
    I think your tablescape looks great!

    My grandparents are inspiration.. my grandfather just past (feb 15/10) and that sucked, but it is because of him that got me starting this blog.. lol..and im betting your and my grandma's would get along well.. my gram is the same way. Hands on. be it gardening, or home improvements.. she does it all...

    glad to hear you had a good easter!

  2. Everything looks great. Surprising what can be done with inexpensive things.

  3. Love your beach-style table! The centerpiece where we went for dinner was a frothy runner decorated with three or four wine bottles...I guess the effort was made but I would have preferred your beachy look!

  4. Just awesomly springy! And I have the same placemats!!

  5. Awww Grammy looks sweet! And so did that dining room! Yes....we had a relaxing and refreshing easter. Sand in our toes...more frecles now.

  6. How could they NOT like it?? It's so pretty....know what the first word was that came to my mind when I looked at it? Calm. what better feeling to have when you sit down to a nice dinner?!!
    And yes, I did take the shot of my new header. That was Hope Town in the Abacos Islands. Our boat is even in the pic!! I spent many hours in those chairs, jounaling!

  7. The table scape is simple and beautiful!

    That picture of you and your grammie is adorable. My sister is selfless & soooo strong - she inspires me!

  8. grammie is saying it all..
    looks like a love filled day :)

  9. I love your dining room!

    I think my nieces and nephews make me want to be the best person I can be.

  10. I love the simplicity and beauty of this tablescape...gorgeous! I am going to have to share this one with my FB Fans! Thanks for the inspiration. Social Couture loves Simpledaisy.

  11. sooooo cute!!! I went on a cruise and stopped in a few places in Mexico. There was so much turquoise... and funny thing is I thought of your blog! Hope you had a great Easter!

  12. The tablescape is great, and I LOVE your chairs...with the pillows...that would make me want to linger over dinner for hours!

  13. wow I am really late on viewing this but I love your style!! I love your chairs around the table and I love the fact that you are thrifty. I try to be thrifty myself :)


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