{spring day}

Thank you for all of your positive comments on my jewelry give-away post! They really made me really happy.
Sometimes I wonder if all the time and energy I put in to chasing my dreams is really worth it. You all make me realize that it is.
NEVER give up on your dreams, I say!!

Not only are you and your nice words making me happy....the weather has been REALLY making me chipper, too!
Here's what I saw popping up today....
How can you NOT be happy looking at cute little flowers!?!?I was so happy today that I ran 3 miles...trying to get ready for that half marathon....it's not far but it's a start!! Then I came home and walked the girls 4 miles:)

Poor LC she has put on a little winter weight (like her owner) and had to really huff it to keep up!

Here's how she looks at the end of a walk in the spring:)mud....mud...and more mud! This is the time of the year that I start to give up on keeping the inside of my home clean.

And of course, here's Ruby....always her happy little self and even happier after a long walk:)At least her tongue is hanging out a little. Maybe I wore her out a little so she'll actually sleep in until 6am instead of 4:45am! Darn dog:)

As you know winter is tough on me and I have to admit that I gained 10lbs this winter. But more importantly the girls gained a little weight too.

As a dog owner I realize that they cannot make their own decisions to get fit & healthy. That's my job to keep them healthy.

Sooooo, time to cut out too many of these......Oh yeah....doggie cookies:)

They were in pure bliss with those cookies..
But as spring is nearing I know it's time to walk them a little more and switch the doggie cookies to carrots.
Yes that's right....carrots! They LOVE them just as much as the cookies:) It's so funny because L.C. gobbles her carrot up in one second and Ruby takes her's over to the floor to savor!
At least...she not savoring a pair of my shoes, like she did last night!But this time, they were just my outside shoes:)

I tell you, she is pay backs for all the times I secretly made fun of other people's dogs that tore their homes up. I swore I would never have a dog that chewed up my things.

Yeah well......you can see....I now have a dog that chews my things up and I still love her....sort of:)

But really, just like with the dogs....when spring gets here and you need to lose a few lbs. don't get crazy but just switch a few things out {carrots for cookies} and exercise just a little bit more:)Don't make it more difficult than it needs to be:)

It's the same as with your dreams....take baby steps but keep moving forward:)

See you on Friday when I announce the winner of the simpledaisy give-away!!

Thank you ..... thank you....thank you for participating in the give-away and posting about it on your blogs!! I really appreciate it:)

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”
Gail Devers


  1. This post is so true! As long as you keep moving forward you are okay : )

    So glad you did not give up on the jewelry! I love everything that is in your shop!

    Sometimes when we are out and Jake has a fit (embarassing) I can't help but think that it is payback for all of the times I was like "my kid is NEVER going to act like that" when I would see someones kiddo acting out. At least it makes me laugh : )

  2. Hey there! So glad your jewelry giveaway is going so well--I didn't participate because the only jewelry I wear is a pair of diamond earrings my husband gave me. I will say, though, that your jewelry is gorgeous...keep it up!

    So now it's walking time! My sister gave me a lovely Omron pedometer and it MOTIVATES! It records total number of steps, miles, aerobic steps, and calories expended...it gets me SPRINGing into action! No dogs in this house...just the ones I encounter on the street while walking.

  3. truesimple....thanks so much:)
    I will be adding lots more jewelry just as soon as I have a free moment to get creating!! I am happy that you like it all.

    Becky....Thanks for the compliment on the jewelry!
    I know...I am so excited that we are moving closer to being able to exercise outdoors!! That's great that you got a pedometer...it'll help keep you accountalbe i'm sure:) Take care~

  4. Thank you for your recent post! I am learning that it is quite alright for me to let life get in the way sometimes! It makes for better memories!

  5. those flowers are wonderful!! i can't wait until we see our first ones here! and this was a very motivating post; time to dig out those carrots for myself. :) Have a great weekend!

  6. yes...I love the spring flowers...I recently lost 55 lbs..it has been such a struggle but exercise was the key. I feel great! I love your dogs....

  7. I never knew a dog would like carrots!!! Go figya! And so sorry I was MIA and missed your giveaway! Beautiful earrings!


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