{reality check}

Well hello!
How are you for a Monday?!?!
I have to tell you that just when I think I can get a little cocky with accomplishing things........
life happens:)
You know I had MAJOR plans to hole-up all weekend and work on my craft room. The husband was out of town and I decided to get BUSY.
Well......here is all I accomplished:)

Basically all I was able to do was....

paint the whole room a nice lighter and brighter creamy white but even that didn't go as planned. I ran out of paint after only 1 coat and had to run to Home Dep*t to pick up some more looking like something scary and doused with paint!!

Then Saturday I spent much of the day organizing my file cabinet....I HATE to do that. I also moved this vintage cabinet up from the basement and worked on making it look organized and happy:)
So.....I thought I could do it all and guess what I couldn't!

Oh and did I mention that in the midst of me tearing apart my whole room ..... the darn washer breaks....ugh.

But look what we got!!!! Movin' into the 21st century, yeah! And it gives me an excuse to cutsify another room!! woohoo:)
After I got tired of organizing things in the craft room.....I threw caution to the wind and went over to my friend's house for a gathering for her birthday!

I can't tell you the last time I had fun like that!
I had some of this.....

more of this.....
and by the end of the night.....we all ended up puttin' a hurtin' on some of this......
The beginning of the evening.....
lookin' nice and put together:)

The middle of the evening.....
taking photos in the mirror in the bathroom:)
by the end of the evening...
I am drinking my wine out of a tumbler!!!
I love that:)

I promise I will get back to reality this week and continue on with my craft room! But I am so glad I went a had a little fun!! Sorry the hubby missed out:(

Hope you had a super happy weekend! I'll be checking in on you when I have a moment. Right now I must get busy on all my laundry!!!!

"You're only as strong as the tables you dance on, the drinks you mix, and the friends you roll with." unknown


  1. I like the neutral color on the walls & the cabinet looks great! Those two things in themselves are a LOT of work ; )

    It looks like you had a bunch of fun with your friends - sometimes that is just plain old necessary!

    Love the wine in the tumbler!

  2. I think you accomplished a real lot of things, from painting, to organizing cabinets. Please feel free to organize here. Looks like you had some fun the mirror photo is a riot

  3. I think you got a lot done and it's always a bummer when you run out of paint midway through the project! Glad you had a nice time with your friends, everybody needs a little down time especially after all of your hard work! I love your vintage cabinet and the pops of turquoise you used on it!

    Kat :)

  4. hahahahahahahahahah.........love your party pics!! I did the exact same thing Sat. night - one of my best gal pal birthday parties....we did it up with the vino AND champagne. BAD decision!
    And tell me how you hauled that huge cabinet up from basement?????
    You'll have more fun stretching the room makeover out....and won't be half as tired!!

  5. Oh jmac...
    I am pretty determined person...that's how I pulled that crazy thing from the basement!! Sheer will b/c I had no one to help me! {hubby was out of town} Maybe it's the p90x workouts making me stonger?!? haha

  6. Liking the color palette! aha, so it means we'll be having a before/after post for the laundry room soon? yes please?

  7. Painting a whole room would take the weekend for me...glad you got out with the girls!

  8. I wish I had as much talent as you. sigh

    Your night out looks like a blast. Aren't those the best?

  9. I've been to Home Dep*t, and by the sounds of it, I bet you fit in just fine :) I absolutely love the cabinet you put together! Can't wait to see the room when it's done. Enjoy using that new washer - the new ones can be fun!

  10. i think you accomplished ALOT for your weekend projecting..everything is looking so fresh and happy!

    and time with the girlfriends too

    i say good weekend indeed!

  11. ps..both you and girlfriends hair, totally cute!

  12. Maybe you didn't finish but it looks great! And organized! Now if I could just get mine that way.

    BTW~Wine is wine no matter what you drink it out of! :)

  13. That's okay that you didn't finish, everything is looking great! You girls are so pretty! Love the turquoise colors on your outfits.

  14. Looks like you had a great weekend....and got plenty done!

  15. It's great how much you create but I am glad you got to go out and have fun and by the looks of it, it looks like you did. Wine in a tumbler is just necessary sometimes!!


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