{finished painted fireplace}

Happy Monday to you....
What a busy weekend it was for me!!
But if you knew me you'd know I love to be busy:)
I don't sit around for long!
The fireplace is all finished!! YEAH....
{If you're new....here is the before:)}

What a difference a small amount of $$$, a little reusing what you have and a little hard work can make:)
I continued the twine trend and twined a gourd that I grew over my arbor....

I also twined wine bottles and beer bottles....

What a great way to recycle your bottles!!
I am really happy with how everything turned out....
here is the left bookcase......

and the right bookcase.....

Did you notice we use wine boxes to store out wood in?!?!
I love that!
Most everything I just painted with a little spray paint and lightly sanded...

I think it's great to re-use what you already have!

I also spruced up the baskets with cute little chalkboard signs....
Go to the craft store and get those thin wooden shapes...

Spray paint them with chalkboard paint....

and then hot glue them on your baskets

Cute, I think:)
So what do you think!?!?
Do you like the change?!!?
Now....all we need to do is order new carpet {2 dogs and lots of wine spills=gross carpet}!!!!!
Yippee......I LOVE house projects:)

“It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all.” — Edward de Bono


  1. i think it looks fab, you are so patient and energetic! ok, now I have to get off my butt and tidy up, you inspired me!

  2. So So Perfecto!! Love the way you pulled the white in from the shelves...it just looks awesome!
    and thanks cuz I have that same drawer statuary and I have it stashed under a cabinet...it's coming out and getting a coat of paint!!!
    You really did a great job....and FAST!!

  3. Wow, what a HUGE difference! It really looks amazing! I absolutely your sense of style : )

  4. Looks great. You should be very proud of yourself. The hard work payed off.

  5. Wow...quite a project! Great work. It looks fab!

  6. Gorgeous!!! I love it!

    What a difference. I really thought you should paint the shelves too but now seeing the after - I don't think so.

    Just love it!

  7. It looks GREAT with all the light-colored accessories in the shelves! Especially, love the baskets with the little chalkboard labels! And wine boxes for firewood? Clever!

  8. WOW! This looks great and there are some wonderful ideas you passed along. I love the chalkboard flowers... I am going to try this.

  9. I am just SO impressed by what you did. It looks awesome!

    I don't think you need to change anything further BUT have you thought about maybe putting up a colored type of backing on the side shelves to lighten it up more???? I wouldn't attempt something like that but I know you could do it. GREAT job girl.

  10. ok i love the white fireplace...would your hubby kill u if you painted the wood white also...just a suggestion ..when i wanted to paint my wood floors solid white...i thought my husand wouldn't o for it ...but he did and we love it just like your blog says pretty simple fresh...love your blog suzanne

  11. love it! and the chalkboard flowers are adorable :)

  12. Wow, the white bricks make a beautiful contrast to the wood around it. Before, it was way to monochromatic. Now, it really pops! Good choice, as always.

    Jenny, BlackRockDesign

  13. Love it ALL. Good job...what a productive weekend you had!
    (btw...started p90x yesterday...can't move that well today. HA)


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