{dreamin' of the sea}

Happy Humpday.
Once again.....I am sitting here dreamin' of the sea!

I am starting to think about where we'd like to vacation next winter break.....i'm a teacher...so I have to plan ahead:)

Here's what i've come up with so far.
St. Thomas or Tulum, Mexico! We've been to Cancun once and really enjoyed it...

but let's see what you think.......
Tulum, Mexicogorgeous...beautiful...happy:)

maybe staying here....
St. Thomas, USVI...... gorgeous...beautiful....happy:)
Staying here...
Geesh...how do I chose?!?!?
Well....the Dreams in Tulum is all-inclusive and we like cocktails! So maybe:)
Oh....and I thought you'd enjoy the beachy images too:)
What's your pick?!?!?
Do you any other reasonably priced beachy picks?!?!?

You were born an original. Don't die a copy. ~John Mason


  1. I would say go to St. John!!! If you want more laid back calm : St John is your place to go. St. Thomas is fabulous but it is very touristy. Don't get me wrong, I would kill to go to St. Thomas, but even if you go to St. Thomas you should spend a day on St. John because it has the most amazing beaches I have ever seen in my life. Also you should do a little day excursion to the BVIs because OMG!!!!!!!

  2. Laura might be changing my mind, but I've been to Tulum and the turquoise water and white sandy beach is by far the prettiest I've ever seen! The water...*sigh*...you'd die...I swear!

  3. I want to jump into one of those pictures!!!! They are all gorgeous!!! I am with you though, the free cocktails sound mighty nice : )

  4. Oh yah, anywhere like that'll do!!! Just gorgeous!

  5. Tough choice. I'm partial to Magen's Bay, St. Thomas and it is nice you can take day trips to other islands

  6. I've been to Talum, and did the all inclusive for my honeymoon. It was awesome!!! I highly recommend the resort with a swim-up bar ;)

  7. both look beautiful..
    do one this year, the other next :)

  8. I would love to go the the USVI!

  9. How cool would it be if ya'll were in the same spot as we are with the sailboat?? Wouldn't that be awesome if we met in the caribbean?!!

  10. Gorgeous pics. I've never even heard of Tulum. Sounds wonderful.

    I am dreaming too. We are going to Hawaii in April and I can hardly stand it. I wish we could go before, but my husband is in the tax profession:)


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