{what to wear: simpledaisy style}

Hey...hi there and happy hump day!
I am just so grouchy I could scream:(
I think it's the perfect trifecta of things that are making me so darn grumpy......

SNOW.....COLD.... & the monthly girlie dip in Hormones!!! TMI...I know...but hey you know I like to keep it real here:)

Anywho....I know you don't come here to be depressed...so I did what any girl in a grouchy mood would do...

I poured a glass of vino, opened a bag of dark chocolate, stoked a fire {to warm up} and did a little on-line window shopping!!!
So...OK....now i'm starting to get a little happier:)
First...you have just got to try this chocolate!! It is the BEST I have ever had!! Maybe I should write them to see if they'd like to send me some for a give-away on simpledaisy:)

And the wine.....Her Fault:)
By now you know I totally purchase my vino based on the label and really isn't always her fault!!!
I know it is my fault that there's never any $$$$$ in checking! haha.....
Now....what to wear~~~~

I love the bohemian style but not to messy and I love to be somewhat frugal....
soooooo....enter the $20 Old Navy Dress.... I love the dress....it's simple and white....what more could you ask for! It it definitely on my list of spring purchases....but most likely with the 2 for $5 flip flops and not with what I am about to show you:)
I think it would completely fabulous with these.....comfortable...worn in and just fabulous!
and this....Both are from Anthropolgie....one of my favorite shops....

but since I am a teacher and we all know they don't make that much $$$$$ I must keep dreaming and buying the 2 for $5 flip flops:)

OR maybe I should take the suggestion of Maya at Completely Coastal and go into the wine business:) how fun...

Or I should write a book....surely it would pay more than teaching!! haha!!
Any other ideas!?!?!?

Ok...back to the outfit....

I would then keep it super simple and wear this jewelry,..... you just can't go wrong with understated sterling silver jewelry!!!
Again...from another shop I merely dream about.....Sundance!! Their jewelry ROCKS!
So...what do you think!?!?!? Do I have a career in styling or what!! just kidding!
Have a super great rest of the week!
And see you on Fresh Friday.....
“Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.”
Bo Derek


  1. So what about the wine biz!? You would have to move to California! And thanks so much for the link!!!

    That quote from Bo Derek totally cracked me up!

  2. Hi Maya...Just a comment you left on my blog a little while ago that really stuck with me:)
    Although...I am sure you were totally kidding!

  3. Love love love the jewelery...simple but nice

  4. Wine, a fire, chocolate and shopping sounds like a sure fire pick me up....

  5. I LOVE that outfit!!! I had never heard of Sundance, ah.mazing stuff! Are you still making jewelry? I would love to buy something!

    I also pick out wine based on the label - there are so many cool ones out there!

  6. Too funny - I'm feeling the same way, and I made my husband go get me that same brand of chocolate - only the firecracker on with chipotle, salt, and popping candy! Love your style choices!

  7. Sundance is my most fave catalog. I actually buy several Christmas gifts from there. Super quality!

    Where do you find that chocolate?

    Don't be bluesy wintertime sad....you wouldn't enjoy the fresh breath of spring if you didn't have to suffer thru the cold...right?

  8. You definitely did the right thing when you're grouchy. That sounds fantastic. I just started doing more online shopping the past 6 months and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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