{Fresh Friday}

Yippee...It's FRIDAY:)
I know it's ONLY January but I have spring fever so bad. I can't tell you the last time we have had sun here in Indiana and February does not look promising!! Good thing I have lots of happy photos of Key West to look at until the weather takes turn for the better:)
This week for my Fresh Friday post I was inspired by wanting to make something that would taste really FRESH and with a hint of spring:)
So I made......
~Lemony Dill & Almond Crusted Halibut~
I know...I know the photos are not that great but I tried!! It is just so challenging to photograph things without natural lighting!
But trust me this rocked my face off!!!!!

almonds {somewhere around 1/2 cup}
fresh dill {maybe about 1 cup}
Lemon juice {oh about 1/4 cup}
Zest of Lemon
Put the almonds in a food processor and get those nice and crushed up then add the dill and continue pulsing.
Last, add lemon juice and zest!!!!
It turns into a thick and sort of dry toppin for fish or even chicken if you prefer.
It's not meant to be a marinade so it will be dry. Put the fish in foil and with a little of the topping and squeeze of lemon juice.
Bake on 425 for about 20-25 minutes.
When finished add more topping!!!!!
You could also use this topping in Tilapia and sautee it!!
It really is so good and fresh tasting.

I also made.....
~Cucumber & Fennel Salad~
I have made variations on this theme before but I love this crunchy combination so much and it's so simple to make:) Cucumbers {I use those little cucumbers or I think english cucumbers would work}
Fresh Dill
Rice Wine Vinegar
Sugar in the Raw {not too much .... just a titch}
Just make up however much you want and enjoy!!This salad totally fulfilled my need for crunch and it made me feel like I was enjoying something that I would eat in the spring or summer!!
I am sooooo tired of soups:)

Ok...Now...some of you have asked about P90X!
Well let me just tell you that P90X rocks.
If you are new to working out, it may be really challenging, just don't feel like you have to do as many reps as they do! Work at your own pace but try to work until you are really fatigued!
I don't do the pull-ups that are part of the dvd's, I just do other back exercises that I know I can do.

Here I am before I started the legs dvd.... Yes... I totally workout with the twinkle lights on!! I like a little ambiance!

I don't always workout at home, in fact most of the time I go to the gym but I love variety. I think it's great to be able to just pop in a P90X dvd when I feel like I need to switch it up.

If you don't like to go to the gym then dvd's are the way to go!!! Then you really have no excuse for not working out:)

The warm up..Can't you just tell how excited I am for what's to come:)
Lunges...more lunges and squats of every variety!After I can no longer feel my legs the dvd ends and I am sweating, tired and burned a little over 300 calories:)I didn't get nearly as sweaty as I usually do b/c I learned to turn the heat in the house WAY down!!!

See those biceps.....all thanks to P90X!!! I am getting there and hopefully by spring i'll be nice and bikini ready:) Just a little more to go.......

Now if I can just stay away from all those pizzas!!!!!

Have you ever tried P90X?!?! If you have any questions about it just let me know!
What is your favorite way to workout?????

"If you don't do what's best for your body, you're the one who comes up on the short end."
Julius Erving


  1. P90X workouts are SO hard, especially the legs workout! I always have a similar look on my face when I start the dvds, like what did I just get myself into? You never regret it after though!

  2. You are so funny and brave to post your workout photos!!

    The halibut looks awesome!

    Right now I just want to walk around the lake. :( This weather is just killing me.

  3. I am right there with you with the spring fever thing...hahah I am so ready for the warmth.

    Love the workout photos...go you!

  4. I want the twinkle lights!! I'm still holding on to my Christmas tree for that added ambiance that I just need in the winter.

    It looks so delicious! I need fish this weekend, I'm thinking salmon with mashed potatoes.

    Happy weekend!

  5. OMG if you got those legs and arms from that workout send me the 411 ASAP por favor. You just inspired me once again. This past week of heavy, Indiana like rain has kept me at home. I have been a bad girl. No gym! I would love it is you sent me some info on this DVD

    gracias amiga!

  6. leaving a food comment just for the halibut..get it? so dumb

    i love cooking w/ fresh herbs too both the halibut and cucumber
    recipes have inspired me!

  7. I am super happy to see some P90X feedback! I have been looking into getting it for a while now. This post has made me psyched to get it : )

    The fish looks outstanding!

  8. Your halibut looks so fabulous! And I love the workout photos. Brave indeed ;) I've done yoga dvds. Home workouts are great for the morning.. when you can barely open your eyes, let alone get down to the gy. Love the post. Happy Sunday.

  9. Looking good woman! My hubs bought that video series. I tried only once and it was hard!

    That halibut looks awesome too!


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