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Just needed some eye candy today! :) I have a bit of a dilemma I am struggling with~ Of course all are in my favorite color....aqua blue!! Someday I will live in a house with aqua blue wooden floors!! They ROCK:)

Now I should be in class for my Master Gardener Certification, BUT I must admit it is NOTHING that I thought it would be.
Since it began I have struggled with dropping out or just finishing it to say I finished it.
Here's my dilemma....I am NOT a quitter! I am an accomplisher, but what do you do when you dislike something sooo much?!?!? I feel like the whole program is very much opposed to many of my beliefs about food, nutrition, chemicals in the environment, etc. and I really feel like what I have learned does not amount to much!
So, there are 6 weeks left including a presentation I have to give (not a big deal since I have a Master's degree and am very used to giving presentations) and a big test that I have to study for! And I have to volunteer for 35 hours this summer to earn my certification.
Do I just chalk it up to...well I tried it and it wasn't for me at this time or do I just continue and finish?!?!?!

What do you think?!?!
Have you ever started something you were really excited about only to realize it's really not for you?
Thanks for listening/reading:)

“The more decisions that you are forced to make alone, the more you are aware of your freedom to choose” Thorton Wilder


  1. I am not a quitter either, but I imagine you did this Master Garderner course because you thought it would be fun and since it is not I say ciao ciao! It's not like you are dropping out of college! If you really dislike it so much and it brings no joy, is not essential to your career then I say Adios! and find something else that will bring you joy.

    BTW I am a new mom! You have to come over and meet the new man in my life!

  2. Well - it depends on what the purpose is for the course? Can finishing it out give you the clout you need to make a difference in the gardening world when people come to your talks or call you for advice? You can always make your niche as a master gardener anything you want. It's only 6 more weeks, which is really just a drop in the bucket.

  3. If it's not what you thought it would be and you're not happy doing it, you won't contribute much to the group...ya know? and I really wouldn't call it quitting, I'd say it was more like trying to find your niche, but this just wasn't it.
    Life is way too short to participate in things that don't rock your boat....much less take tests for!!!
    And I have got to paint the top of my tables at my lakehouse like those in your pic. My whole house there is aqua/navy and seafoam green. You'd love it!!

  4. I agree with Jmac. Why waste energy on something that you just hate. Life is too short. But with that said - if it's something that can help you in the end with pursuing a career then you finish and know that you want to do things in a chemical free way. Think of it as learning what not to do.

    PS - Craigslist is awesome. I bought a chair for $15 too. Perfect condition. You should check out your area - you'll be amazed.

  5. Hmmm....I say, push through. (I know what an unpopular option!) I agree with the ladies who say life is too short...but you're SO close to the end! And like you said, you'll have something to show for it in the end. I think that if you stick it out, you will never regret doing so. But if you quit now, you may wonder down the road "Why didn't I just finish?"

    There's my $0.02 for you. :)

    ps- A master gardener?! I'm impressed already!

  6. Are you doing this master gardener class for fun? I am not even sure what you do for a living. If it was just for fun and it's not a necessity I would quit. Otherwise, gotta stick it out.

    And I would give anything to be nestled up in one of those lovely rooms you posted. Just beautiful!

  7. So fresh, breezy and beachy!! I'll take a sip, ha.

  8. You are definitely not a quitter if you leave because you are opposed to something vs being too lazy to finish the hard work! Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we wanted them to, not matter how hard we wish. Follow your gut.

  9. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and opinions!! Sometimes you just have to see things through the eyes of others!!

    I took the class merely b/c I thought it would be fun! It's not for my career (I am a spec. ed teacher) and it's NOT fun!! haha
    I still have until Tuesday to make my final decision!! Thanks again and i'll let you know what I decide!!

  10. Life is too short to spend any of it doing something you don't have to. Nor want to.

  11. I'm like you, I always try and finish what I've started. But sometimes if its not making you happy, it may not be worth it.

    Thanks for the supportive comment :) I'm an elementary and special ed major and am planning on going into special ed. I'm doing my special ed pratcium now and I'll be student teaching in both areas starting in January. I'm loving it so far!

    Also I don't know if you've seen this blog before, but I love aqua too and they always have the prettiest pictures of turquoise in homes. http://www.houseofturquoise.com/


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