{game day: simpledaisy style}

We live right near Notre Dame and often head to the university on game day. This time we were invited to the lake and so watched the game while floating on a boat! How fun~
How perfect....a T.V. on a boat~
I think my husband was in heaven!
The kids had plenty of things to do and climb on~Me....I'm not much of a football fan so I happily drank my vino and watched the boats go by~It was a perfect day...not too hot and the sun was partially covered by clouds~After the game...we headed back to our friends home where my husband spent time entertaining their adorable daughter~Cocktails and Play-doh....what a combination!I just love their house! For one it's on the lake and for two she has twinkle lights!!

I just love twinkle lights!! Now we just need to figure out how we too can afford a home on the water! Ahhhh dreams~

Lucky for us were headed back up there today for the annual Labor Day PARTY! WooHoo~

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." ~Les Brown

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