{so sad}

I must face the fact that summer is slowly winding down.... It really is just so hard for me to deal with.
This weekend the weather was just down right crummy and I just had such a hard time trying to stay motivated and chipper! Ok...i'll just be truthful and say "I wasn't chipper." I know it's just the beginning of what we have to come {i've lived here my whole life} but each and every year it just gets harder and harder to deal with!

Any thoughts on staying happy during the long, sunless winter months?!?!

Send 'em my way!
Oh and around here...we have what we refer to as a perma-cloud that lasts all winter! That means NO SUN for weeks on end!
Thanks:) and I promise i'll try & be happy during the winter months! Maybe I need to buy stock in a winery?!?!?
Have a happy week~
"Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance." - Benjamin Franklin


  1. A little bit of summer music or fluff reading can go a long way. . .and don't forget the wine and/or fruity drink! :)

  2. I think you better plan a vacay to somewhere sunny!

  3. Maybe we'll get an indian summer yet! I'm hoping!

  4. everyone is allowed a little whining! I think I might have whined more than my share when I lived in your parts. I did love the fall though, football season, the crisp air, how about getting psyched for that? and each day that passes is one closer to summer! :)

  5. I'm in complete denial that its the end of August already. I like fall, but I'm trying to make lots of plans for winter so it will fly by. Wishful thinking!

  6. Thanks everyone:)
    I do love autumn and should really just focus on all the happy things about autumn before I start getting depressed about winter!!
    I have already started a list of crafts that I would like to do this winter!! So hopefully.....

  7. True. Focus on what you do love..., although I'd consider moving south (which I actually am).

  8. Oh I'm sorry. You already have SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Where do you live again? It's on the top of my tongue but I am forgetting. Anyhoo, I live in FL so I am not sure what to tell ya. Just keep cycling girl, keep those endorphins coming and you'll be AOK.

  9. We're warm here most of the time; even so I get blue in autumn & winter... there's just so much overcast sky, dead leaves, bare branches etc. I can take. Something that helps me is keeping my home light, airy, & happy... my own comfortable little island.

    It's so messy right now, it doesn't look comfortable to anyone but me ;-)


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