{Ruby the Wrecking Ball}

Yep...that's what we call Ruby now!!
She's getting big and she's all puppy! Everywhere she goes she's into something...just look at her and all the stuff all over her face~

Let's just say I don't have one nice pot left~

She runs around so fast that I think sometimes she forgets where she's at and just runs into things!

L.C.'s nice new collar doesn't look so new anymore! Ruby pulls L.C. all over the place by that little bit of her collar! Poor L.C. she's such a trooper!
You'll notice the rug Ruby pulled over to her {filthy} bed before I yelled at her! She grabbed a stick instead. Smart choice~

What... I wasn't going to start chewing up that remote if you didn't just walk into the room~

All in all I'd say they love each other...but boy oh boy is having 2 large dogs interesting ... to say the least!

Have a great evening!! Oh and if your a dog owner....I'd love to hear your stories~


  1. she looks innocent to me! HAHA

    Norm is a sweet heart he doesn;t destroy things but guilts me everytime I leave without him. :( those eyes get me all the time.

  2. Oh Ruby...those eyes! My lab had a killer tail. I never keep things on the coffee table cause you just knew things would go flying.

    Gotta love the puppy phase! LC looks like she's taking it well. :)

  3. I can't believe I forgot about the chi's crazy puppy antics.

    The little goats, I mean chis would wake up at some point during the night and start chewing on my comforter or my sheets. Not fun when you have a down comforter! (Feathers everywhere some mornings.) I totally forgot about the puppy antics until I was making my bed the other morning and saw the softball size hole in my sheet.


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