{beach days}

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!! Finally, 70 and sunny!! So, I took a half day at work and picked up the dog and headed straight to the beach!! I have been wanting to get those photos done for the dining room!! Didn't happen, L.C. had other ideas, but we had fun anyways!!
I had to keep her on long lease b/c really it is a no pets beach..but I figured it was early enough in the year that we were safe but I didn't want to press our luck!!!
She was so excited to get to the water.....she loves to swim!!

I thought I would try and get a good picture of her...but she did everything expect look at me!! I think she was too excited to even stay focused!!I do like this one...It is so her...Ears back trying not to listen to me!!!
Finally we get down to the water and she is in pure bliss....
I didn't let her go in too far...b/c the water is only 36 degrees and I didn't want her to get to cold..but she did have a blast chasing the little waves!! I just love dogs....they really know how to appreciate the simple things in life!!

I even got to wear flip flops so I was super happy!

L.C. felt like the queen of the world after this day!! {oh and in case you're wondering, L.C. stands for last chance...we adopted her from the Humane Society and she was there so long that she on her way.......} We love her and think she is the best dog ever...I am glad we gave her a last chance!!!

Hope you have a super weekend!! And don't foget to appreciate the simple things in life....the best things in life are free......

"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have" Frederick Keonig


  1. Great pictures of L. C. She is gorgeous! I didn't get to spend too much times at the Dunes, when I lieved in the bend, your pictures are making me wish I did. It does look like an absolutely gorgeous day. BTW I got Obi from Pet Refuge. I used to go every saturday to check out the cats at the Pet Store off of 23 and Ironwood, and when I saw him I was smitten. I too loved his grey coat and I am still obsessed with that color. They told me he was the runt of the litter but in the end he grew into a huge cougar. Enjoy the weekend :)

  2. Wow- adorable pictures!!! Happy dog and happy girl... the beach does that to us... :)

  3. looks like the best kind of day...
    36 degree water,,,brrrrrr!

  4. What great pics! LC looks like she had an absolute blast. How fun.

  5. Gorgeous beach, gorgeous dog. What can I say.

  6. What a pretty dog and amazing time at the beach!! It was cold and raining here today :(



  7. Wow. Thanks for stopping by. Seriously. I <3 your blog. It's so refreshing. And I love the pics of L.C. at the beach -- My dog loves chasing the waves too.


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