{outdoor room inspiration}

I love to be outside during the summer and what better way to enjoy a summer evening than in your outdoor room!! As you know by now I am not one who sits idle for long and I am not a fan of winter....sooooo....I am beginning to turn my attention to thoughts of what I want to do with my outdoor spaces!! No major changes for now! Maybe next year i'll get that pool house I dream about...
For now I have to be content to simply dream about being able to actually BE OUTSIDE!!!!
Here's some inspiration......
coastal living
How could you not be happy sitting and sipping some vino in this outdoor space!! I love the view of the water.....
How cute is this??? I would love to have a little garden shed with super cute roses growing up the sides! I would just sit in here and read magazines all day~ cottage living

This is beyond super cute!! I definately think you could read the morning paper while drinking a hot cup of joe under here~
Ok fine....I triple times 5 love this outdoor space!! I want to have a dinner party there right now....

Who doesn't love a hammock??? I love{d} mine and apparently the squirrels do{did} too!! They chewed the whole thing up into shreds last summer!!

Hopefully nice weather will be here soon~ Until then it's always dream!!!

Have a great day~


  1. love hammocks. great inspiration pictures you have here today. I dream all day long of my beach casita. In the meantime I surround myself with all things blue and beachy. I love your blog. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll, I really appreciate it. :)I will add you to mine.

  2. Lovely pictures - hope they give you lots of inspiration to get stuck into your garden.
    Thanks for the lovely message you left on my blog.
    Catherine xx

  3. love the idea of having a fireside warmup after a swim...so cool!

    and that no matter how simply we live, we can still have a great outdoor space, as in the third pic!

    i am enjoying your blog! and the cute daisy jewelry on your header!

  4. 3rd one down is absolutely amazing! Funny you talk about outdoor spaces. We did such a small thing by throwing out 2 rusty lounge chairs by the pool and replacing them with some adirondack chairs and tables, but it made a big impact because now we spend more time out there. I sit there in the mornings with coffee and watch the dogs play and it starts my day off right. Happy places!


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