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The weather around here STINKS...so what do we midwesterners do when it's been cold and snowy for soooo long that you forget what other types of weather we have...
We shop...

I found a super cute mirror that you could use to look at yourself sporting a lovely pair of simpledaisy earrings....

one...urban outfitters

Or you could have a little wine inspired party and get some ocean inspired paper napkins and sea life wine stoppers....one...paperstyle
seaside inspired

Or you could dream about being on the beach and get yourself a happy little beach bag while sipping a tastey pina colada....

one... flickr
There now I feel a little better!! I have some inspiring new things to save my $$$ for!! Just think we are ALMOST done with January....so we are moving over the hump and onward towards spring!!!


  1. Beautiful, I love aqua blue as well...
    Thank you for adding me to your blog roll, I will do the same ;)


  2. Love the wine toppers! Too cute
    I absolutely love that website.

  3. I think you need to move somewhere where this is warm water and tropical breezes. Your dog looked like he was having a good time though!

  4. Fun! I had to giggle when you did the mirror and your earrings. Great idea! I'll be back to visit for sure- I love your sense of humor.

  5. A wine inspired party sounds so good. I am having one right now but by myself :)


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