{have a holly jolly christmas}

Last Saturday I had a dinner party for my closest friends and it was fabulous!! Usually I have a big Christmas party but this year I wanted something a little more quaint...I am very thankful to have such wonderful and supportive people in my life and I wanted to take the time to show them how much they mean to me!! Since I am a reasonble{not cheap..ok someone once told me that it sounds better to say reasonable than cheap} person ..... I thought it might be nice to show you how you can really gussy your house up for the holiday and not spend a lot of $$$$$.

one...I made everyone {all the girls that is} a cute pair of simpledaisy earrings and I wrapped each package in white tissue paper, ribbon and added a candy cane....cute and reasonable.
two...I used the dishes I already and added red chargers underneath from.....The Dollar Store!! Then I went to the craft store and bought white bandanas for $1 each and used these as my napkins and just added ribbon and cute crystal style pick from the hobby store!!
three...just some cute candy canes....I love candy canes, they are festive and reasonably priced!
four...the drinks were Pomegranate Bellinis {or at least that's what I call them} cheap champagne and pomegranate juice served in pretty glasses with pink sugar on the rim. I serve these every year because I really love them!!

This is how the dining room looked during the day......

This is how it looked in the evening...fuzzy I know but you get the idea!!

Thanks girls...you all really are the BEST!! I couldn't ask for a nicer group of girls to spend my time with!! You rock....Oh and one more thing.....I have the BEST husband in the world...ok well in my opinion at least!!
As the evening progressed...I felt compelled to play a little Def Leppard and so I am doing my best air guitar and out of the corner of my eye I see my husband walk in with a guitar...and I said "where did you get that" not realizing it was for me!! Yippeeee.....Now all I have to do is LEARN to play guitar~~ Yes...I am in my PJ's..we all decided to change into something more comfortable!! Thanks sprinkles....you're the best!!!

"A true friend thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked" Bernard Meltzer


  1. Heather we had so much fun Sat. night!!! I love nights like that!!! The food was Super Yummy!!!! I had a great time playing Catch Phraze with everyone! And the HOT TUB........ by far the best!!! Your house looked beautiful!!! You are so very gifted! I love my earrings, that was too kind of you to do that. I can't wait for my necklace and to give Kylee's to her for Christmas! I'll email you some pictures when we get our computer fixed in the next few days. Can't wait to hear your first song on your new guitar. Your hubby is so awesome!!!! See you tomorrow!!!

  2. Sounds like such a perfect evening. I wish we had enough close friends in the area to have a quaint dinner like that. Everything looks beautiful!!!!

  3. I love your dining room! Good luck with the guitar lessons!!!

  4. 1. Is that really your dining room? It looks like something out of a magazine. Wow!!
    2. Is that really you with the guitar - You will be a true rock chick now! How fun. Two of my three boys play, and my husband a teensy weensy bit.


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