{Christmas Cocktails}

I was at Target yesterday trying my best to stay focused on finishing up Christmas shopping...when I headed down the cocktail aisle!! I found some super yummy Peppermint Martini mix..I already tried some and it was delicous!! I also found the cutest bottle of Cabernet!! If you don't know already..I totally chose my wine based on how much I like the label!!

I was thinking you could fill a whole wine bar with naughty {or not so naughty} labeled wines...here are a few I found that might be fun to add to your wine bar...
one...Passion Has Red Lips
two...Jealous Bitch
three... pro mis Q us
four...Menage a Trois

Some I have tried and others I have yet to try...but it's always fun buying your wine based on the great label!!! So...grab a bottle of wine and have yourself a wonderful Christmas Eve~


  1. I have to get that Monagamy that one is too cute!

  2. I am also guilty of buying wine because of the label. Love the Menage a Trois series.


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