{free shipping}

Now that Thanksgiving is in the past....I can safely move on to Christmas!! And in honor of the season I am offering FREE SHIPPING on any simpledaisy purchase within the united States!!!
Here are a few of my favorites......... Of course by now you know how in love I am with the color blue!! Especially aqua blue!! So go ahead and stock up on some simpledaisy for gifts or for yourself!! Get a super cutesy outift, add in some simpledaisy and go out for a nice night on the town!!!

one Emma Earrings
two Hannah Necklace
three Marilyn Necklace
four Kristin Earrings

~~~~~~~HAPPY HOLIDAYS~~~~~~~

PS...if you are a reader of my blog let me know!! I am thinking of doing a simpledaisy give away but wasn't sure how many people read my blog!!!! thanks


  1. How beautiful! You are very talented...

  2. Wordpress has a way to check your stats to see how many people check your blog. I'm sure blogspot must have something similar. I think there are also some services that are free that will track your stats for you - I just can't think of the name of them right now.


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