{layer it up}

I love simple styling and am not one to wear too much jewelry...but for some reason I have really been into layering my jewelry!! And have gotten quite a few compliments I might add!!!

I will be adding these pieces to my shop very shortly!! The sweet little "H" necklace is handstamped and polished by me! ...so pick a letter and i'll whip one up!!! Have a great day......


  1. Of course you got compliments on the layering because it is so lovely! I'll be checking your shop frequently because I'm just trying to figure out which piece(s) to buy, and I love the monogram necklace. Would it be available with different color beads, just curious?

  2. Hi there...
    Thanks for taking a look at my jewelry!!!
    The monogram necklace and the necklace with beads are actually two separate necklaces. I just listed them both in my shop! But I would be happy to customize something if you were interested!! Have a great day!!


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